“I began working in the world of conservation and art activism in 2015 with a mission of painting 50,000 honey bees in murals around the world. My goal was to simply raise awareness about the importance of these incredible creatures. As I began to paint these murals, some things became clear very quickly. First, informing the public about pollinator and pollination issues is no small feat. It takes tenacity, perseverance, creativity and epic amounts of optimism. Next, I started to notice that there are spectacular artists all over the world working like me to bridge the cavernous (and widening) gap between people and the natural world. Their work is filled with profound intelligence, sophistication and beauty… but very few people have heard of them or seen their work.

Forces of Nature Gallery is a result of that realization coupled with photographer, videographer and media specialist Zach Ellis joining our team. Working together, we have created a gallery that offers people the opportunity to collect original artwork focusing on the environment, while supporting artists to continue their crucial work. Over time, this gallery will serve as an expansion of the idea of The Good of the Hive. Just as The Good of the Hive began with one mural and is now on the 21st, Forces of Nature Gallery is beginning with a showing of my first installation of the initiative and will expand to a program of many artists over time. Forces of Nature Gallery will soon be populated by artwork, visual dialogue, ideas and artists using every facet of creativity, artistry and design for the good of the planet and the beings on it. We believe that artists are a force of nature… especially when they are supported to their fullest potential.”


- Matthew Willey
Artist & Founder
The Good of the Hive